This is how the market looks like for Manny Machado right now

How does his future looks like?

1. 1- Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies come in first place, as they have a lot of cap space to spend, and also they were linked with Machado all over the off-season. Also with the signing of Jake Arrieta, Philadelphia looks more like a team that can contend for a Postseason spot.


2. 2 - New York Yankees

The Yankees are going for all the star players they can get, and they look like a very likely destination for Machado, as they were linked with a move all of the off-season.

Even Aaron Judge spoke to him a tried to persuade the player to join him at the Bronx. Even though pitching is a priority for the Yanks, they don't want to miss the opportunity to sign a such a great player. 

3. 3 -Chicago Cubs

The Cubs are another favorite team to land Manny Machado, as they are going under the threshold this year. Actually, the shortstop would be a good fit for Chicago.

The Cubs have a good defensive shortstop in Addison Russell, but Machado is a better offensive player and shortstop overall.

This is how the market looks like for Manny Machado right now

This is how the market looks like for Manny Machado right now

Manny Machado is going to be a free agent next offseason, and he has made clear that he wants to remain at the shortstop position for the seasons to come. Along with Bryce Harper, he's going to be the most desired free agent and there are many contender teams that will fight to land Machado's signature.

Many people think that Machado will end up with the New York Yankees as they are favorites to land the Dominican, but according to Jon Heyman of Fan Rag Sports, there are other possible suitors and contenders for Machado's sign, as he compiled a list of the most likely teams to agree on a deal with him