Blue Jays investigating PED usage in minor league prospects

152Several of their players tested positive 


Azulejos. | The Canadian Press vía AP

The subject of Performance Enhancing Drugs is one of the most discussed in Major League baseball and one of the most controversial.

In the last two seasons, full-fledged stars in the "Big Leagues" have tested positive under the league's anti-drug policy.

Currently, the Toronto Blue Jays have started an internal investigation, following the suspension of six of their minor leaguers for the use of these PEDs, according to ESPN.


General Manager Ross Atkins spoke on the subject:

"This situation is very disappointing and disturbing to the organization; disappointing that the players made these choices, but more so disturbing that some failure of our environment allowed this to happen,. It is our responsibility to create an environment and culture where our players know that PED use is not condoned and to give them resources and education to ensure that they do not make these decisions."

Jol Concepcion received a 60 games suspension, while Juan Jimenez, Naswell Paulino, Hugo Cardona, Yhon Perez and Leonicio Ventura who were all teammates at the Toronto Blue Jays rookies level in the Dominican Republic received 72 Games.