Evan Longoria is disappointed with the Rays

The former Tampa Bay player can't hide his disapproval with the Rays recent moves 

After Evan Longoria was traded to the San Francisco Giants, no one would have expected that the Tampa Bay Rays will literally clean the house and get rid of other key players during the offseason. Just this Saturday, Tampa Bay traded Jake Odorizzi to the Twins and placed Corey Dickerson into the assignment list.


Still feeling the colors of his former team, the now Giants player spoke about the Rays' situation during a meeting with the media at the team's Spring Training camp in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Longoria stated: 

I just kind of feel sorry for the Rays fan base. I’m not going to take too many shots but it’s pretty obvious (Dickerson) is a valuable player and didn’t deserve to be DFA'd. Corey was our best player last year 

Dickerson was an All-Stat last year and had a career-high season with 27 home runs. Shortly after the Rays placed Dickerson into the assignment list, Longoria showed his support towards his former teammate via Twitter:


Longoria spent his whole career in Tampa before being traded to the Bay of San Francisco. He was named Rookie of the Year in 2008 and reached the World Series that same year with the Rays; he also has been named 3 times to the All-Star game.