Giancarlo Stanton on his role with Yankees: "Whatever makes us the best"

The outfielder was introduced by the Yankees on Monday during the Winter Meetings

Giancarlo Stanton is introduced along side Brian Cashman, Aaron Boone and Hal Steinbrenner.

Giancarlo Stanton is introduced along side Brian Cashman, Aaron Boone and Hal Steinbrenner. | Yankees

Giancarlo Stanton called the Marlins an "unprofessional circus" after being officially traded to the New York Yankees, and minutes later he was introduced by arguably one of the best organizations in all of sports and is ready to "whatever" is needed to make the "Bombers" a better team

With Hal Steinbrenner, Brian Cashman and new manager Aaron Boone were all present as the Yankees introduced the slugger and placed the "pinstripes" on MLB's "Home Run King".

Boone called the day a "celebration" not just for the team but for baseball as a whole and adding Stanton, "the player as much the person", to the clubhouse will make the young nucleus even stronger.

And then went on to take out his new uniform, with the number 27.

Stanton then took over the mic and said the following:

"I'm glad to be here. This is gonna be a great new chapter in my life and in my career so I want to thank everybody that was involved to get this done."

He goes on to say that he signed on with Marlins hoping for the best, but "sometimes things just spiral out of place and you have to find a new home. I'm very excited to here, to be a part of the Yankees. And I'm just looking forward to stepping up and being with this winning environment." 

Stanton goes on and talks about his relationship with Aaron Judge, who he met during the Home Run Derby:

"Yeah we met during the All-Star Game and Home Run Derby, I spoke with him a couple days ago and we are excited to get better together and use our talents together because we are very similar and we are gonna learn form each other and make each other better."

Stanton indicated that he did meet with Derek Jeter and the vision they had was not what he wanted as they "wanted to substract and not add. I didn't want to be a part of another rebuild."

Probably the most important question came a few seconds later, as Stanton was asked where he was gonna play as Judge is also a right fielder.

"That doesn't matter where I'm going to play, I'm willing to play where ever it helps the team. Wther that's rotating around, right field, DH. We haven't spoken about that specifically. We are just hoping to find whatever works and makes us the best."

Stanton seems very excited to be a part of a winning organization for the first time in his career, and if it wasn't obvious that his biggest goal is to win now it is.

Here is the full introduction: