Hunter Pence and his new role with the Giants this upcoming season

The outfielder is willing to do what it takes to help the Giants 

If Madison Bumgarner and Buster Posey are the face and strenght of the Giants, Hunter Pence is the beating heart and soul of the team. Since arriving to the Bay in 2012, Hunter became a fan favorite and an instant hit for the Giants, helping them to achieve two World Series.

But with the horrors of San Francisco's last season, Pence is decided to do what it takes to win, and keep the tradition of being champions on even years. Even if that implies changing his role on the team and his style.


In an interview with John O'Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle, Pence stated that with the arriving of Andrew McCutchen to the Giants, the former Pirate will take care of the right field, with Hunter switching to the left side.

“I think it’s going to be a lot of fun to have a whole new perspective. It’s kind of refreshing on the mind. It’s an exciting challenge that I anticipate.”

 The 3-times All Star said that he was always open to change his position. When there was a possibility of Giancarlo Stanton arriving to the Giants and taking his position on the field, Hunter Pence answered the only way he could do it: In an hilarious one.


Now with the arrival of McCutchen, both players will have a lot to learn in the Spring Training in order to adapt to their new roles, as the former Pirate himself stated: 

“The biggest adjustment for Pence going from right to left is the trajectory, the way the ball comes off the bat. It’ll be diving and hooking as opposed to fading. He’s going to have a lot to learn, and I’m going to have a lot to learn as well.”


Even though the last season for the Giants was horrible -the worst since 2007- Pence had decent numbers, with an AVG of with .260, 13 HR and 67 RBI in 137 games played.