Jonathan Schoop will play regardless elbow injury

The Dutchman is fit and ready to play

Jonathan Schoop

Jonathan Schoop | AP

The Orioles' second baseman was reported to have bursitis on his left elbow and was expected to miss a few days to allow the player to fully be recovered, as stated by his manager Buck Showalter, according to ESPN.


At the beginning of Spring Training, Schoop suffered an inflammation on his elbow while doing work-outs, and Showalter did not know the exact time that the player will remain on the sidelines, but according to MASN Sports, the slugger said today that he's feeling better and he was able to play.

I’m doing good. I don’t even know the name of it, but it’s nothing to worry about. I think I’m playing today. Just wanted to take it easy yesterday, but I think I’m playing today.


Schoop hopes that the injury doesn't come back as he tries to be focused as much as possible on his preparation looking forward the next season.

They say I hit it somewhere, but to be honest I don’t remember. But it’s something that I’m dealing with and it’s going to go away they say probably in a few days. But I’m ready to play


Schoop enjoyed an excellent 2017 season, as he was named to the All-Star game and recorded career-high numbers, hitting an average of .293, with 32 HR's and 105 RBI's over 160 games played last campaign.