Judge and Stanton will not be playing at the first base

How will Boon figure this out?

Giancarlo Stanton y Aaron Judge en conferencia de prensa

Giancarlo Stanton y Aaron Judge en conferencia de prensa | AP

There's no secret that the Yankees have a problem in the outfield, as they have an overpopulation in those positions. With the arrival of Giancarlo Stanton in December, and with Aaron Judge playing in the same position that the NL MVP, this could be an issue for the Yankees manager, Aaron Boone.


With Aaron Hicks, Jacoby Ellsbury, Brett Gardner and Clint Frazier also being outfield players, it would be interesting to see how did Aaron Boone will sort it out this issue.


Regarding this situation, the Yankees manager spoke to the media and he said that neither Stanton or Judge will be playing at first base next season, as Greg Bird emerges as the Yankees solution at the position.


Both Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton had a spectacular 2017, with the first one winning the AL Rookie of the Year and Stanton being awarded the National League MVP.


Judge averaged .284 last season and hit 52 HRs with 144 RBI's. On the other hand, Stanton had a .281 AVG, with 59 HR's and 132 RBI's.