Justin Verlander heats up rivalry with Yankees

The Astros' pitcher knows what he's team is up to

The Yankees and the Astros went to the extreme on their ALCS clash last season, going into a decisive Game 7. But at the end, were the Astros who came up with the final victory and reach the World Series, which they won, clinching the franchise's first ever championship.


The Yankees are decided to forget this heartbreak, and they quickly began to making moves. They added the NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton to their roster, and they're willing to make some deals to be the team to beat in the American League.


For MLB Network's analyst, Christopher Russo, the Bronx's Bombarders are truly the main contenders to win the AL Pennant this year, ahead of current chamions, Houston Astros.

But this statement quickly came to the ears of Houston's pitcher, Justin Verlander, who simply answered with a tweet.

The response rapidly became viral, generating more than 28 K likes and 7 K comments, with an intense debate between Yankees' and Astros' fans.