This is the substance that caused Canó's suspension

Things are getting out of hand

Robinsón Canó. Foto: John Bazemore | AP

Robinsón Canó. Foto: John Bazemore | AP | AP PHOTO

After Cano's suspension news broke, the whole Major Leagues and fanbase was absolutely shocked by it. Some hours after MLB released their statement regarding Robinson Canó's suspension, there are more and more details about the issue.


The player himself released a statement through social media where he tried to clear all doubts about his honesty and integrity as a ballplayer. In the statement, he made it clear that he did not consume PED's and he tested positive because of a diuretic that a Dominican doctor provided him.


According to Cano, he was not aware that the substance in question (Furosemide) was banned by the MLB after this doctor from the Dominican Republic prescribed this medicine to Canó. But News Tribune's reporter, TJ Cotterill, says that this substance alone was not the reason on why the player was suspended.


According to him, "MLB drug agreement states a masking agent only comes back as a positive test if they determine the player intended to use it to avoid detection of another prohibited substance". This means that another substance was found prior to this positive testing.

So far, Canó was banned for 80 games for violating MLB's drug agreement and will serve this along with his disabled list stint.