What Brian Cashman wants the most this season

He has just one thing in mind this season

With the new season coming, it looks like we are going to repeat last year's ALCS, as the Yankees and Astros are the favorites to reach that instance and going to the World Series. In fact, there's a rivalry heating up very quickly amongst the two teams, as Justin Verlander is already throwing some shots.


For Yankees General Manager Bryan Cashman, there's only one thing he wants this season: A World Series ring. As he told to the media this Monday, he will not accept any other thing but a ring this year, as he also says that the players are hungry for bringing a Championship to the Bronx.

The Yankees are by far the most successful team in MLB history with a record of 27 World Series and 40 American League Pennants. Although the las Championship came in 2009 and the seasons following that title came with some seasons plagued with struggles, the team is looking forward to recovering his might, as they look like the team to beat this season.