Are the Orioles the worst team in the American League?

His season has been awful so far

Adam Jones

Adam Jones | AP

So far this season, there are teams that are not impressing or performing well at all; we can name a few like the Miami Marlins and the Kansas City Royals, or even contenders like the Washington Nationals or the Los Angeles Dodgers.

However, teams like the Baltimore Orioles were not expected to perform so bad at this point of the season: They are at the bottom of their division with a record of 6 wins and 19 losses, as they have a competitive team that at least will have to be contending for a Wild Card berth.


One of the teams best players, Adam Jones, spoke with Eduardo A. Encina of the Baltimore Sun about their season's bad start and being bettered by the Tampa Bay Rays that are arguably the worst roster in the whole Majors:

Right now, we're just not winning the innings. It sucks, but the guys in here are not down on themselves. They're not mad by lack of effort. They're professionals understanding that the other team drives nice cars too


At the moment, the Orioles have only won one series in the whole season, s they upset the Yankees at their stadium earlier in the season; since then their record is 2-13 and they are at the bottom of the AL East Division.