How will the Mets be using Adrian Gonzalez?

Is he still a reliable player?

Adrián González

Adrián González | AP

The New York Mets acquired some interesting players during the offseason and they have built a strong team that is ready to compete with anyone in their path this upcoming 2018 season.

And the Mexican Adrian Gonzalez is one of these players that the Mets brought to improve the team, even though that he's not guaranteed to fill the first baseman spot on a regular basis.


According to's Anthony DiComo, the Mets' manager, Mike Callaway, now has a clearer idea of how he will be using Adrian Gonzalez on the first base. The skipper explained that he will not be using the veteran every day, even when the pitcher is right-handed.

He expects to give more playtime to Wilmer Torres and not limit him only when the pitcher is left-handed.


During this Spring Training, Adrian Gonzalez has averaged .216 with just a single home run and two RBI's. On the other hand, Torres has an average of .333, slamming three homers and 7 RBI's.