Adrián González and his controversial departure from the Dodgers

It's time for González to prove himself again

Adrián González

Adrián González | AP

Adrián González had a pretty busy offseason, as he tried to find a team after he played last season for the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Atlanta Braves, which wasn't the best of his career for the Mexican. The Mets then came to the rescue and are giving González another chance to prove himself in the Big Leagues.


The Dodgers traded him to the Braves earlier this year, even though his contract included a no-trade clause in his deal. According to Mike Puma from the New York Post, the LA team have to negotiate with "the Titan" to obtain his permission to trade him:

“We had some internal discussions, let’s put it that way. The Dodgers sweetened the deal every single time


With the emergence of Cody Bellinger at the first base, Gonzalez' chances with the Dodgers began to decrease an he became an expendable asset on the team. The Mexican explains that even though the Dodgers never offered him money to remove the no-trade clause, they did offer other things, like the chance to attend to the team's Spring Training camp if the player couldn't find a team.


Last season, González just played 71 games, with a batting average of .242, hitting only 3 home runs and 30 RBI's