Alex Cora's 'bush league' gesture towards Yankees' coach that maybe caused the fight

No wonder why the Yankees were so pissed!

Alex Cora

Alex Cora | AP

The Yankees-Red Sox rivalry is at it again, with lots of bad blood between players, managers, and coaches as well. This past Wednesday night, a huge brawl took place at Fenway Park in the second game of the series between the bitter rivals just after Boston's pitcher Joe Kelly intentionally beaned Yankees' batter Tyler Austin.

A lot has been spoken about what caused the fight, but maybe the brawl was cooking up in the Red Sox' dugout, as Boston's manager Alex Cora was seen doing gestures towards Yankees' third base coach, Phil Nevin.



John Harper of the New York Daily News spoke with a former manager and a former player about this; neither person wanted to reveal their identities as they are still employed by Big Leagues teams.

The former manager said this about Cora's behavior:

That was bush-league stuff," the former manager said, speaking of Cora. "You don't disrespect the other coaching staff like that. Nevin is a well-respected guy in the game, a former No. 1 pick … the guy had a good career. What has Cora done? He's a first-year manager, he's not Mike Scioscia


This person said that you can't go out there and disrespect a fellow colleague like that, even though he's serving on your fiercest rival's side, and that's why may cause the meltdown.

I don't know what was said, but Cora was waving Nevin away like, 'you're not on my level.' And (Cora) was back in the dugout by then. It looked like that got (Aaron) Boone fired up, and I don't blame him 


The former player strongly disagreed with Cora's actions, as he was so disrespectful and totally understood the Yankees' reaction after Kelly beaned Austin:

 "Cora was out of line from what I saw," the player said. "Players look out for their coaches. They're not going to forget that. The other part is you don't like that Kelly tried to get cute and hide his intention to hit the guy. He waits until the second pitch, and when he misses him, he waits until after another pitch before hitting him.