Alex Cora slams his defense after an awful 4 error-game

He was fuming!

Alex Cora

Alex Cora | AP

.Defensive is often overlooked and is not seen as important as offensive or pitching, but still, it is a key part of winning a ball game, and Red Sox' manager Alex Cora is not happy at all with the performance of his defense on Tuesday, after they lost against the Kansas City Royals.


After that performance, Alex Cora was fuming and slammed his defense as they committed four errors, which eventually lead them to lose the game, according to NESN's Joshua Schrock, Cora was disappointed and had some strong words for his players:

Awful, awful. That was an awful game, yeah. Yeah. We were lucky we were playing 13 innings, honestly. That was bad. Mental mistakes, physical mistakes, all kinds of mistakes, that was awful


Coincidentally, the Red Sox had their last 4 error game also on a 1st of May but on 2017. Boston lost the game on extra innings after a fielding error eventually cost the L.