Aaron Boone reveals that Chapman has been playing injured

Nobody noticed it! 

Aroldis Chapman

Aroldis Chapman | AP

Aroldis Chapman is looking better and is still the strongest in the bullpen of the New York Yankees. 

Without allowing a run in the last seven games, it would seem impossible that Aroldis Chapman is struggling with physical problems and according to Brian Lewis of the New York Post, the player is throwing with some discomfort in his left knee.


But despite this, Aaron Boone is confident that Chapman can still compete at the highest level without risking his injury:

I just love the way he competes. He wants the ball. Obviously I like giving him the ball. But he’s a really good competitor. He loves being out there in the fire, and I think he just likes to play.

And according to Boone, the injury is not really a concern right now:

So, he obviously takes really good care of his body, he’s a tremendous athlete, and so I think he does everything he needs to be ready to go when that ninth inning calls. I’m not surprised [at his success despite the injury] just because of who he is, competitively speaking, and the kind of athlete he is.