Are the Dodgers going to trade Clayton Kershaw?

We never thought that we were going to say that

Clayton Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw | AP

The Los Angeles Dodgers are in a position that they would never think it could happen, not even in the worst scenario but now is a reality they have to face and a very real possibility right now.

This situation is the possible trade of Clayton Kershaw, a rumor that has sounded with force around the Dodgers' clubhouse in recent days.'s reporter Ken Gurnick answered some questions from the fans regarding Kershaw's future at Los Angeles, and some of them are really concerned about the really high odds of their ace leaving the Dodgers.


This scenario contemplates that the Dodgers will be out from the possibility of reaching the playoffs really early on the season, due to the awful start that the team had and Kershaw being fit and in form.

With Kershaw in shape and the possibility of losing him as a free agent next season, with no doubts, the pitcher will be one highly rated piece in the trades market.

However, Gurnick explains that probably Kershaw will stick to the Dodgers and will wait until the free agency, as he the power to veto any trade offer and also, he is really established and used to live at the West Coast.


Also, a trade also means a huge risk for the team that is after him, as Kershaw's recent past shows that he has struggled with injuries in recent years.