The excuse that David Price will use to not to pitch in the All-Star Game

Fortnite all night? 

David Price

David Price | AP

It is not really sure if David Price will even be elected to feature in the All-Star Games, and however, he does not look so excited to be part of it, as he is already thinking about excuses to not to play in it.

Price has been playing well in the last couple of weeks, and this good form can see him being selected for the All-Star Game by Astros manager, A.J. Hinch, who will be managing the American League All-Star team.


Despite his good form, Price believes that are plenty of players that deserve this honor more than him, and he jokingly said to already have an excuse to not play in the All-Star Game in Washington next month, as he said to Jason Mastrodonato of the Boston Herald:

I feel like if (Hinch) did, it would just be to get me to throw an extra inning. And that would be a pretty pro move on his part. I'll come up with something, if I am an All-Star, so I won't have to pitch. I'll play a lot of Fortnite the night before, so I'll be down (unavailable).


And he also spoke about the players that deserve to be in the All-Star over him:

"I ain't going. I'm not an All-Star," Price said. "Craig Kimbrel is gonna get his, I didn't vote for Craig because he's Craig Kimbrel, he's going to get his votes. I voted for Joe Kelly and Matt Barnes. Actually I did vote for Craig. Joe, Barnes and Craig.