The Red Sox are hearing offers for one of their infielders

Alex Cora does not want him!

Deven Marrero

Deven Marrero | AP

The future of Deven Marrero in Boston is uncertain, as the team doesn't know what to do with the infielder. It is reported that the Red Sox are not willing to send him to the minor leagues, but he doesn't enter into Alex Cora's plans.

But according to Nick Caffardo of the Boston Globe, some teams are really considering making a move for the player, and with the Red Sox keen to negotiate for the player, a trade is the most probable option right now for both parts

Cafardo's information does not specify which teams are interested in the services of Marrero, but if there's no offer soon, the Red Sox will probably designate him for assignment. 


The 27-years-old has established himself as a solid defensive player, but his offense has still lacked consistency and power, as Marrero ended with a not so impressive batting average of .208 last season