The shocking reason on why Dusty Baker doubts he will get another managerial job

Can he get another chance? 

Dusty Baker

Dusty Baker | AP

.It doesn't get more baseball than Dusty Baker; he has been around for over 50 years and it's one of the authorized voices all over the league because of his experience and how long he has been involved in the game. There are truly no secrets in baseball for Dusty Baker.

But all those years of experience may be worthless in today's baseball's standards, as Baker was fired by the Washington Nationals before the beginning of the season and he couldn't find a place in another team as a manager.



Now he works as a special advisor for the San Francisco Giants, and he spoke about with Bob Nightengale about the difficulties he faced and a new kind of 'discrimination' amongst the teams:

Today's game isn't any different than it was before but it's a different time in our country. There was always race discrimination to a degree, but now there is age discrimination, and salary discrimination, and intellectual discrimination


Now, Baker believes that it is very unlikely that he can get another managerial gig, as he doesn't fit anymore on the standards that the MLB teams now are looking for in their managers:

 had people ask what school did I go to? I was like, 'What difference does that make at this point? I've got 50 years in the game. But all I hear about in baseball are people going to these Ivy League schools, and this and that, so that's what I mean by this certain amount of intellectual discrimination. It's like you're penalized if you didn't go to an Ivy League school