The reason why Gary Sanchez was unhappy with Girardi as the Yankees' manager

Looks like the atmosphere was not good at all at the clubhouse

Gary Sánchez

Gary Sánchez | AP

When the New York Yankees parted ways with long-time and World Series champion manager Joe Girardi, it came up as a surprise for everyone, as the team came just one game short from reaching the World Series last season, as they lost to the future champions in the ALCS in 7 games.


But maybe there was more than just results behind Girardi's firing from the coaching job, as now Lindsey Adler from the New York Times indicates that Gary Sanchez and the then Yankees' skipper had a clash over a pre-game routine.


General manager, Brian Cashman, told the reporter that Sanchez had an injury last season that wasn't publicly disclosed, and the catcher played through this from a certain point of the season.


According to Cashman's words, Sanchez was feeling uncomfortable with the pre-game routine that Girardi was imposing to him, and this led to a disagreement between both, as the catcher followed his own routines instead of Girardi's, and this caused a feud between the player and the manager.