Stanton speaks about how he improved his bad early season form

He transformed the boo's into applause

Giancarlo Stanton

Giancarlo Stanton | AP

Each game is a new opportunity for Giancarlo Stanton to show himself as the MVP and super slugger that the Yankees acquired during the offseason. During the very beginning of it, the former Marlin really struggled to be at his very best and even was booed by the Yankee Stadium at some point.


The pressure that Stanton is experiencing as a New York Yankee is overwhelming and the MVP had to learn it the hard way and he knew that he has to deliver every single game. By April 20, Stanton was hitting for .219 with four home runs and the Yankees were with a 9-9 record.


But now the Yankees are on top of their division and with an amazing steak, Stanton reflected on his first month wearing the Pinstripes with Marc Carig of the Athletic:

The importance of every game, of every out, is way different than anything I've ever experienced. We're like .500 after 14 games and it's like, the world's going to end.

Giancarlo also reflected on his early struggles and how he had to improve his game:

With my mistakes out there and not playing well, it just showed that there were games where you could beat guys by five runs without me participating, without me doing anything. As long as I wasn't a distraction - with the boos and all that, as long as I wasn't bringing the team down - then whatever.