'Fake News' triggers steroid alarm about Pirates' player

He wasn't aware of!

Gregory Polanco

Gregory Polanco | AP

The Dominican player Gregory Polanco was a victim of the so-called "fake news" this Friday after he was wrongfully accused on Social Media of using performance-enhancing drugs and also being suspended for 80 games by the Major Leagues.

The incident happened after a fake Twitter account viralized an image of a supposed tweet from ESPN, where they "informed" that Pirates' player Gregory Polanco was suspended for 80 games for using steroids.

Even though the ESPN logo looks like imposing there, the tweet itself has a lot of spelling mistakes, which helped to identify it as "fake news". 

However, the tweet reached Polanco's family and friends, who thought that the player really was suspended by the league, so after hearing the "news" they tried to contact Gregory about this issue. Polanco, on the other hand, wasn't aware of the situation, so was caught by surprise when his family ultimately informed him about that.


Polanco spoke with the media about this incident and how his family was panicked by the "news" of him being suspended:

Everybody were so concerned. My parents were crying. It was tough man but I have to keep it positive. But obviously there's something that is wrong. Don't put my name on this, I can't believe there's actually someone doing this kind of stuff.