After breaking his own hand, Hunter Strickland will seek help for his anger problems

It has been a tough couple of days for the Giant

Hunter Strickland

Hunter Strickland | AP

Hunter Strickland will now have a lot of time to think about his career and his temper, as he injured himself after blowing out a save against the Miami Marlins earlier in the week, by punching a door and fracturing his own hand.

He will be ruled for 6 to 8 weeks, and now he will be considering to attend to counseling for anger management, as the pitcher told to ESPN in an interview:

"I think that obviously my anger in these moments have gotten the best of me and caused stupid decisions, so I don't think I should be this angry person...


He had some issues regarding his anger management in the past, as his feud with the Nationals and especially with Bryce Harper; since the 2014 Divisional Series that faced both teams, Strickland had shown some anger issues. Also during the World Series that same year, Strickland jawed at Salvador Perez, which cleared the Royals bench.


Strickland also said:

This is obviously something that I'm struggling with. I don't think I have necessarily an anger problem all the time. I truly feel that my emotions get the best of me sometimes because I care what I'm doing. I go out there and do my best. But when I don't, it hurts. It's tough, it's a tough pill to swallow