The Yankees have another option to improve their starting rotation

Is this the deal they were looking for?

Domingo Germán volvió a tener una salida complicada

Domingo Germán volvió a tener una salida complicada | AP

The New York Yankees have been really clear with their intention to reinforce their starting pitching after the problems they have had with their rotation.

The rumors have started to circulate and now the name J.A. Happ has been related to New York. Joel Sherman of the New York Post compares Happ to Cole Hamels, which is another option that is being handled by the New York team since both were traded by the Philadelphia Phillies mid-season in 2015.


Since Happ was traded away by the Phillies, he has thrown for a 3.20 ERA with a record of 44 wins and 20 losses with a ratio of 2.6 walks and 8.7 strikeouts per nine innings.

In comparison, Hamels has a 3.69 ERA in that same span of time with 36 wins and 17 losses and a ratio of 3.2 walks and 8.1 strikeouts for every nine innings.


Another aspect that could be key for the Yankees is J.A. Happ's salary of 12 million dollars per year and, that would give the Yankees an opportunity to stay below the salary cap

The only detail that could prevent this to happen is that the Toronto Blue Jays will probably wait until their playoff chances are completely over to make a trade for Happ, as it is very unlikely that they will give one of their best pitchers to direct rival.