'Winning mindset is the biggest bunch of bulls*** I've ever heard': Joey Votto

The 2010 National League MVP says that the Reds need more than that to win

Joey Votto

Joey Votto | AP

The Cincinnati Reds have been a constant disappointment over the past few seasons, with their last playoff campaign goes way back to 2013, when they lost the National League wild-card game against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Since then, nothing has gone well for them; and their star, Joey Votto, is not happy with that.


The five-time All-Star believes that in order for the Reds to succeed, they need quality on their roster and having a 'winning mindset' is the last thing they require, as he told to MLB Network Radio:

A winning mindset is the biggest bunch of bulls*** I've ever hear. You win, and then that breeds that sort of winning energy - you like each other more; you're excited to get to the ballpark more. 


The Canadian also explains that if a team starts winning together, they create a bond and chemistry between them, but all in all, that's just the outcome of having good players on the team.

"They start telling stories about the subtleties of the interactions amongst teammates, and all of the different things - the magic, you know, voodoo sort of tricks that the manager and the players have - but really it's just a collection of really good players playing really well,


Since their last appearance in the playoffs, the Reds have finished last in the National League Central division every year, averaging just 69 wins over that span of time.