Indians claim that reports that implicate one of their players with PED use are false

Fake news! 

José Ramírez y Francisco Lindor

José Ramírez y Francisco Lindor | AP

After Robinson Canó was suspended by the league for allegedly violating the league's policies regarding banned substances, there has been some false reports on players that supposedly violate those policies, like the one where Pirates' player Gregory Polanco was involved a couple of weeks ago.


Now, was Cleveland Indians star third baseman, José Ramírez, which was falsely accused of being suspended for 80 games for using performance-enhancing drugs. These rumors were quickly shot down by Indians' manager Terry Francona, according to T.J. Zuppe of The Athletic:

We talked to Josey just a couple minutes ago. He got a big kick out of it. One, Josey strenuously said there's nothing. The other thing that's probably every bit as important is when somebody tests positive, the league informs us. They haven't. It's a shame we have to address this.


Ramirez quickly took over social media after hearing the rumors, and he label them as "Fake News".