Will the #9 MLB draft pick, Kyler Murray, choose football over baseball?

He has a pretty big decision to make

Kyler Murray también es Quarterback de su universidad

Kyler Murray también es Quarterback de su universidad | AP

The story of Kyler Murray it is an interesting one; he is one of the most desired college football prospect and undoubtedly, he has the talent to make it into the NFL: He's a strong, versatile and an intelligent quarterback.

However, Murray has also an incredible talent for baseball too. Proof of that talent is that he has just been drafted by the Oakland Athletics as the #9 overall pick of this year's MLB Draft. But it looks like baseball fans will have to wait to see him in action.


According to's Jane Lee, Athletics' scouting director, Eric Kubota, said that Murray informed the organization that he will not play baseball until next spring and that he will return to Oklahoma to play another season of college football.


Kubota said that the Athletics don't have any problem with Murray playing another football season, but they're aware of the risks:

"The risk of the football was, in our opinion, outweighed by the upside on the baseball field. We were totally on board with his desire to play quarterback at Oklahoma. Frankly, we're excited to be Oklahoma fans for 12 games