Batting pitchers will soon become a thing of the past?

No more pitchers who rack? 

Madison Bumgarner

Madison Bumgarner | AP

Everything seems to indicate that the big difference between the American League and the National League could change very soon.

Seeing the pitchers taking their turn on the plate could come to an end really soon and maybe the designated hitter position probably reaches all Major League teams.


Commissioner Rob Manfred touched on the issue at the end of the owners meeting on Thursday according to KSDK:

I think that is a continuing source of conversation among the ownership group and I think that the dialogue actually probably moved a little bit


The batting average of the pitchers is .112 and each time they take the turn the ghost of an injury lurks nearby.

Also opening this position could help veteran players who have struggled to find work in the majors. These two situations could cause both teams and the Players Union to be closer and closer to being accepted in the majors.