Who will get a better deal? Bryce Harper or Manny Machado?

They are already thinking in the free agency

Bryce Harper y Manny Machado

Bryce Harper y Manny Machado | AFP | Getty Images

We are just a month into the 2018 MLB season, but a lot of players and teams are already looking forward to the next offseason, as there will be plenty of talent available with Manny Machado and Bryce Harper being the most desired free agents.

At this point, some sources claim that it is more likely that Bryce Harper will get the best deal of the winter, but the odds on Manny Machado to get the most lucrative contract of all are increasing really fast.

It is expected that both somehow will surpass Giancarlo Stanton's contract as the biggest deal in MLB history, with them surpassing the 325 million dollars that the reigning National League MVP is currently getting.

But why is it possible that Machado gets a better deal than Harper? CBS Sport's Dayn Perry compared both sluggers and according to him, there are some factors that could lead to the Orioles' player to get the best contract.


Machado is younger than Harper, and also has a better OPS than the Nats' player. Another factor is the defensive side; Machado can play at the shortstop and at third base as he is a top defensive player, having won 2 Gloden Glove Awards.

At the offensive, Machado is having a better season: Harper has a .250 AVG, with eight homers and 19 runs batted in; on the other side, Machado is batting for .356 with 9 dingers and 20 RBI's