Cubs' Theo Epstein says that Machado's rumors are 'out there in dream land'

Will it become a reality?

Manny Machado

Manny Machado | AFP | Getty Images

The Chicago Cubs president of baseball operations, Theo Epstein is still holding his breath regarding the possible landing of Manny Machado to the Wrigley Field; the hype and expectation that the media has created around the possibility that the still Orioles' player wears the Cubs' jersey this season, don't bother Epstein at all.


Epstein said on the radio show The Score 670 that the Cubs' front office doesn't take the rumors so seriously and that they are completely inaccurate:

"I can say with regards to this particular spasm of media frenzy, it is outrageously outsized when you compare it to the reality of the situation. It's May. We're still figuring out who we are as a team this year. We're still figuring out our place in the division ... There's an atypical amount of trade discussion in May this year, which is essentially nil. 


So with that being said, Epstein did not rule out completely the possibility of signing Manny Machado this season but states that the rumors that the media has created around this are completely overhyped.