What Cubs' president says about their interest in Manny Machado

So, are they going for him or not?

Manny Machado

Manny Machado | AP

In recent weeks, the future of the relationship between Manny Machado and the Baltimore Orioles looks like it will finish sooner than expected, as the awful season that the team is having is forcing them to move quickly into a "full rebuild mode".



This means that they have to trade some key players to acquire young talent. So, this means that Machado will leave Camden Yards earlier than we expected, and the Chicago Cubs looked like one of the teams that were willing to make the deal with the Orioles.



But team's president Theo Epstein has ruled out all possibilities to land Manny Machado in the short-term, as the Cubs are not willing to risk future talent and stars for their immediate future, as Epstein spoke on Bernstein & McKnight Show:

As a rule, we will not be paying premiums for rentals. We just won't. If we play ourselves into a position where we can benefit from some improvement and we're a legitimate championship contender, absolutely we will be pushing the envelope to try to get better. But that will probably not include paying a significant premium of future assets for a rental, because we have to build this organization and keep our focus on this group and this year's team and the immediate future in the next couple years but also keep an eye on what's going to happen after 2021.

So with that being said by Epstein, it is extremely unlikely that the Cubs will make a move for Machado at least in the near future.