Mark Scherzer joins all-time great Nolan Ryan with an unbelievable feat

He showed off wheels! 

Max Scherzer

Max Scherzer | AP

At this point in his career, Mark Scherzer has nothing to prove: Everybody knows that he is one of the best pitchers in the whole MLB and that he is on his way to Cooperstown if he can sustain the level of greatness that he is achieving. 

The Nats ace is often compared with the strikeout king and one of the greatest pitchers ever, Nolan Ryan; and with good reason, as he joined the Hall of Famer with an unbelievable feat that only he and Ryan have done in the history of the MLB.


Mark Scherzer had yet another amazing performance this Monday night against the Atlanta Braves, as he struck out 10 batters and allowed only two hits, completing the game and the shutout. We are kind of used to this kind of performances from Scherzer, but the pitcher surprised us by stealing a base in the seventh inning of the game.


Scherzer singled off Braves' pitcher Peter Moylan and then, he ran towards the second base completing the first steal of his career. With the steal, he joined Nolan Ryan in the record books as the only two pitchers to have a +10 K's shutout and a stolen base in the same game.


Nolan Ryan achieved this rare record on May 16, 1984, when he struck out 11 in a five-hit shutout game against the Pittsburgh Pirates and stole a base in that game.