Yankees in Mexico?

It seems very possible 

Didi Gregorius

Didi Gregorius | AP

With the MLB expanding his brand all over the world by promoting games overseas, as this season Twins and Indians have already played a two-game series in Puerto Rico and Dodgers and Padres will play this week in Monterrey, México.

But the plans for MLB are going even further than just staying on the American continent, as the league already announced that the Athletics and the Mariners will open the 2019 season in Japan, and according to MLB Mexico's director, good news are coming to the country.


The Mexican portal spoke with Rodrigo Fernández, director of MLB Mexico, and he said that is the main priority to bring the New York Yankees to the country in the near future, as the Yankees' fanbase in Mexico is really huge:

Every country wants to have the Yankees; we already have been in Puerto Rico, soon there will be a series here in Mexico, we have been even in Australia. There will be huge announcements in the upcoming weeks and I hope that we can bring the Yankees to México in the next three years.


Fernández also said that right now, the priority for MLB is having World Series Champion teams to play overseas, like the Astros and Cubs, but other of the priorities regarding México is trying to bring the Blue Jays, as they have various Mexicans on their roster, so maybe a Blue Jays-Yankees series could be in the making.