Miguel Cabrera is really upset with MLB for Miguel Cano's suspension

He is really mad at them!

Miguel Cabrera y Robinson Canó

Miguel Cabrera y Robinson Canó | AP

Everyone in baseball is still shocked by Robinson Cano's suspension by MLB for allegedly using performance-enhancing drugs. The ballplayer will have to serve an 80-game suspension for violating the league's policies and this obviously will be a huge blow to his career.

At first instance, the cause of the suspension wasn't the direct evidence or trace of some kind of PED, but for the finding of a banned diuretic that is usually used to hide the use of steroids and other drugs. However, Canó has insisted that a doctor from the Dominican Republic prescribed him this medicine for a certain condition that the Mariners' player has.


But it looks like a true legend like Miguel Cabrera has Canó's back, as the Venezuelan star told George Sipple of the Detroit Free Press that he is really upset for MLB's decision, arguing that it doesn't make any sense:

His doctor prescribed the medication. I think he got all the paperwork. Why he get positive? I don’t understand that. If it’s something for him to get better. I know Cano for a lot of years and I know he didn’t cheat. I’m mad right now.

 Also, Cabrera understands the situation, as he says that if he would have taken some kind of prescripted drug in Venezuela, he would test positive like Canó, and he defends his decision of taking the medicine:

I live in Miami. If I lived in Venezuela, I might test positive, too. If I need some medicine, I gotta take it. If I gotta take something to get better if I’m sick, I’m going to take it. I’m going to do the same thing Cano do because I need it. If I’m in Venezuela, not here in the United States