Miguel Sanó spoke after being demoted all the way down to Class A

Can he return to his All-Star status?

Miguel Sanó

Miguel Sanó | AFP | Getty Images

The Minnesota Twins took a harsh and quite surprising decision on Thursday when they sent Miguel Sanó all the way down to minor leagues lowest level: Class A.

The Minnesota team expected to be really involved in the race for the postseason at this point of the campaign, but several of its key pieces have not shown their best level and one of them is Miguel Sanó.

The Dominican infielder spoke about his current situation with Brian Murphy of the St. Paul Pioneer Press:

It’s the decision they take and I take too. I’m not mad. They gave me an opportunity. No reason I can get mad


Sanó recognizes that maybe injuries have prevented him from showing the best of his game during the season:

It could be; it could not be. I’m not counting on that. I’m not putting excuses out there. They’re making that decision and I’m going to take pride of going down there and working hard so I can come back and be better