Forbes reveals MLB's most valuable teams for this season

Tons of money here!

Yankees y Red Sox en los primeros puestos

Yankees y Red Sox en los primeros puestos | AFP | Getty Images

3With the new season already on the way is easy to imagine that all MLB teams are making tons of money right now with all the ticket sales, merch, television rights and all that stuff. This Wednesday, Forbes reporter Mike Ozanian revealed a list with the total value of each of MLB franchise.


It is no surprise that the New York Yankees are the most valuable team by far, with over a billion dollars of distance between them and the second placed team; the Los Angeles Dodgers. Here is the top ten teams on the list:

1 New York Yankees $4 billion

2 Los Angeles Dodgers $3 billion

3 Chicago Cubs $2.9 billion 

4 San Francisco Giants $2.85 billion

5 Boston Red Sox $2.8 billion

6 New York Mets $2.1 billion

7 St. Louis Cardinals $1.9 billion

8 Los Angeles Angels $1.8 billion

9 Philadelphia Phillies $1.7 billion

10 Washington Nationals $1.675 billion