These are Yankees plans for the next offseason regarding their rotation

This could be a huge improvement!

Los Yankees esperan refuerzos para su rotación

Los Yankees esperan refuerzos para su rotación | AP

The New York Yankees are now starting to look like the juggernaut that they were promised to be at the very beginning of the season, but also they are exposing their main weaknesses and how they can improve them in order to build a solid and competitive team that can contend for the World Series.

The starting rotation obviously has been the main issue of this Yankees team, as key pieces like Sony Gray are not functioning or other like C.C. Sabathia, that is going to become a 38-year-old free agent next season.


With the huge amount of talent that is going to be available in the next offseason, the Yankees may be preparing to make some moves to really build a strong team, and the options to reinforce the starting rotation are quite good, with Dallas Keuchel and Patrick Corbin the main candidates.

But according to John Harper of the New York Daily News, it seems that Corbin would be a better fit for the Yanks, as he is having an outstanding start of the season and looks like a better asset for the future. 


Harper says that some scouts consider that Keuchel has lost his Cy Young-caliber dominance and power, and Corbin stills have more to offer and haven't reached yet his peak. At this moment, Keuchel stands with a 3.10 ERA over 5 starts, with Corbin having a 1.89 ERA with the same number of starts.