Pedro Martínez spoke about Joe Kelly's decision to bean Austin

The Hall of Famer spoke clearly!

Pedro Martínez

Pedro Martínez | AP

 The Red Sox-Yankees rivalry had another heated episode last Wednesday night after the Fenway Park hosted a very tense game between both teams, that led them to a fight between Joe Kelly and Tyler Austin, generating a huge brawl.


The Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez surely had a flashback to the early 2000's, when the rivalry was on an all-time high; fights and brawls were common on those days. Just after last game's fight, Pedro obviously had something to say.


The Dominican took on his Twitter account to spoke about Joe Kelly's decision to bean Tyler Austin. His response was truly a Pedro one:

The only thing I would had done different than Joe Kelly tonight, is I would’ve hit Tyler Austin at his previous at bat. Other than that, Kelly executed perfectly.


Kelly beaned Austin after the Yankees' player hit Brock Holt with a slide on the second base.

Sliding with the cleats up is a no-no in baseball. That means fight fight fight!