Pete Rose reveals he has a serious health problem

Things are just getting worse for Rose

Pete Rose

Pete Rose | AP

After all these years, it looked like Pete Rose is still struggling with his addiction to gambling; his wife recently declared to the media that Rose has millions of dollars of debt because of his addiction.

However, according to TMZ, the former player and MLB's all-time hit leader admitted that he indeed owes a lot of money, but not from gambling as his wife claims, but from a heart disease and he claims that he has undergone three major surgeries in the last 5 years.


TMZ had access to Rose's court filing, where he claims that he makes $54 K a month and sents $20 K a month to his wife in order to fulfill his support obligations.

However, according to his IRS debt, Rose still owes a million dollars to the US Government and pays around $20 K per month to end this debt with the American Authorities.

Despite his legendary status as one of the greatest baseball players ever and holding MLB's hit record, Rose was banned for life from all activities related to baseball for allegedly gambling in games while he was still active in baseball.

The Major League took drastic actions against him as he was banned from entering the Cooperstown Hall of Fame.