Are MLB players planning a strike next season?

Players are not happy!

Rod Manfred en conferencia

Rod Manfred en conferencia | AP

During the past offseason, there was a lot of tension between players and teams, especially because of the difficulty that a lot of them faced in order to get a contract. Even the MLBPA was forced to put on a Spring Training camp for those players that were still free agents, due to the unusual amount of them unemployed. 


Now at midseason, according to a survey made by the USA Today on 63 active players that requested to remain anonymous, the MLB is heading towards a strike next season. The paper says that the sample includes a wide range of players, that includes MVP's, All-Stars, and veterans from 6 different countries.


The players were asked about on whether a strike would be necessary when the current collective bargaining agreement expires in 2021, 65% of them say that they agreed on going on to a strike next season.

Also, one of the points where the players don't agree with MLB's commissioner Rob Manfred on unilaterally introduce pace-of-play measures if the players association wouldn't agree. In the end, the MLBPA allowed alterations which included a limit to mound visits.