MLB's possible solution for the huge amount of postponed games this season

It has surely been frustrating

Rob Manfred

Rob Manfred | AP

It looks like Mother Nature is not a baseball fan; this season so far we have seen rain, snow, wind and all sorts of inclement weather during games, in which the majority of them have been suspended and postponed due to these circumstances.

This past Tuesday two more games were suspended due to inclement weather, with a total of 28 contest being postponed only in April, which is the most since the league started keeping track in 1986.


MLB's commissioner, Rob Manfred, spoke about this issue in Toronto and said to Ian Harrison of the Associated Press that the situation is actually pretty bizarre and there's not much that the league can do about it:

This has really been a unique April for us. We’ve set a record for the number of games that have been canceled and, probably more troublingly, we’ve played a lot of games in really tough weather. I think we have 12 cities that have been more than 10 degrees below their average temperature for the month of April."


Also, they are considering some solutions, but these are not easy decisions to make:

No teams are going to want to start the season on the road for a couple of weeks.n fact, the Basic Agreement prohibits a trip that long. Equally important, the domed and warm-weather markets don’t want that many games early in the year. Whether you have a dome or it’s warm weather, until school gets out they are tougher dates.e will do everything possible to try to schedule in a way that minimizes weather damage. It’s in our interest to do that. But there are real limitations in the schedule.