The MLB is on the verge of more insane rule changes, according to leaked document

This would change baseball forever!

Rob Manfred

Rob Manfred | AP

Rob Manfred's reign as MLB's commissioner has brought a lot of changes to the league and to the game, as Manfred is trying to revolutionize the sport and make it more appealable to younger audiences and more spectacular.

The new pace of play rules that the Major Leagues are trying to implement are being considered as controversial by some fans, managers, and players, saying that they affect the essence of baseball and turning it into another sport.


But a document leaked by SB Nation writer Grant Brisbee reveals shocking information about the future changes that the Manfred administration is planning to do.

According to the reporter and to the document, the MLB is planning to impose a limit on the number of relief pitchers that can be used in a game, and also a minimum of throws that a pitcher can do in a game. This would mean the end the role of specialist pitchers for certain type of players.


Also according to the document, the MLB is looking to implement the Mercy Rule.