Former Hank Aaron teammate compares a Braves player with the Hall of Famer

Is he that good?

Ronald Acuña

Ronald Acuña | AP

The Atlanta Braves top prospect, Ronald Acuña, is already being regarded as one of the game's future stars, despite not making his debut on the Majors yet. His talent is so huge, that he's already being compared to one of the greatest ever: Hank Aaron.


According to Mark Bowman of, one of Aaron's former teammates, Ralph Garr, who is now a scout for the Atlanta Braves, compares Acuña with the all-time great and former Home Run King:

"If I put (the 20-year-old) Aaron and Acuna side by side, I think they would do the same thing. Unless he gets injured or something, I think he has a chance to be in the Hall of Fame. I really do. But you can't put them ahead of the game. You've got to let them grow.


The 20-year-old is currently ranked as MLB's no. 2 prospect, just behind the Japanese wonder Shohei Ohtani, who is also compared to one of the greatest ever, Babe Ruth. Acuña has had an impressive spring, hitting for 15-36 with three home runs over the preseason. 


However, it is unlikely that the Venezuelan will start the season at the Major Leagues and will continue his development in the minors at the time.