The Yankees had to improvise a sleepover at the airport

Hope they got good bonfire stories! 

Los Yankees con gran acción con la policía

Los Yankees con gran acción con la policía | AP

There are times when traveling schedules don't go as planned and somehow you have to improvise with what you have at hand. And even the Yankees aren't immune, even with all that giant corporate and mighty apparatus surrounding them.


According to an interview with Newsday's Erik Boland, general manager Brian Cashman said that the New York Yankees had to spend the night at Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C. on Wednesday after the game they had against the Washington Nationals.

Cashman said that their flight that was scheduled to take off around 10 p.m. ET, but this was delayed due to mechanical problems with the aircraft and because of the bad weather surrounding the D.C. area.


Ultimately, the flight never took off and the Yankees had to sleep on the actual airport, not the airport's hotel, but in chairs or in the floor, like any other normal passenger. Luckily for them, this little taste of reality didn't last long, as they finally took their flight to Kansas City on Thursday's early morning.