Players and agents want to remove Tony Clark as MLBPA's head

Big changes are coming to the MLB!

Tony Clark

Tony Clark | AP

With the Opening Day just around the corner, an unusual amount of players remain without a team, which had led to some frustration from agents as well, as they feel that the Major League Baseball Players Association has let them down.


According to Ken Rosenthal from The Athletic, a source revealed to him that "an unknown number of players and agents" are agitating to remove the current head of the Union and former major leaguer, Tony Clark.


According to this information, this group of players and agents wants to place an attorney instead of Clark. However, a change of leadership remains unlikely at this moment, as the MLBPA's executive committee requires a proposed interim or permanent replacement to do so, but at this point, there's no proposed replacement for Clark at the moment.


The MLBPA's head spoke about the criticism to his administration 

"This is their union. This is the players' union. If there are concerns about what we have done, what we are doing, and just as importantly, where we are going, we've talked through and will continue to talk through all of that with the players."