The main issue that is keeping Vladimir Guerrero Jr. away from the Majors

Will he be ready soon? 

Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. | AP

It seems like the son of the legendary Vladimir Guerrero, Vladdy Jr., it’s more than prepared to reach the Major Leagues more sooner than later, as he is dominating the minor leagues and showing amazing batting skills for his age. However, the Toronto Blue Jays are being cautious with him.


According to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, Blue Jays’ general manager, Ross Atkins, they will be calling Guerrero to the Majors when they see that all areas of his game are fully prepared to face Big Leagues level, as he still has to develop his defense and fundamentals:

We feel like there is a good opportunity in the minor leagues for (Guerrero) to become a better more well-rounded player than in the majors leagues.


Right now, Vlad Jr. is absolutely tearing apart the Double-A level. It doesn't matter that he is the youngest player in the league, Guerrero is hitting for .405 with six home runs, 13 doubles, and just 13 strikeouts in 32 games.