Yu Darvish doesn't think Cubs fans hate him and clarifies a misunderstanding

How do Cubs' fans feel about him? 

Yu Darvish

Yu Darvish | AP

Without a doubt, the Japanese Yu Darvish is not having the season that we all thought he would have as an elite pitcher for the Chicago Cubs. His life at the Wrigley Field has seen more bad moments than good ones, and the fans don't look like too happy with his performances.

Darvish inked a multimillionaire deal with the Chicago Cubs earlier this year, making him one of the best-paid pitchers in the whole MLB with a contract worth 126 million dollars and 6 years. With a 1-3 record and an ERA of 4.95, he surely hasn't lived up to the expectation. 


With all the backlash from the fans towards Darvish's performances, the Japanese do not think that Cubs' fans hate him, after what catcher and close friend of his, Chris Giménez said on May 30.

Giménez said back then:

I think he thinks that Chicago hates him for going on the DL a couple of times. He reads Twitter. He reads all that stuff. ... Honestly, I know it upsets him - and rightfully so.


A couple of weeks later, Darvish told to Jerry Crasnick of ESPN that he doesn't think that and clarified what Giménez meant to say:

In regards to Chicago (fans), I'm not sure what Chris was thinking. The fans here are very supportive. Even in my situation, they come to me when they see me in town and say, 'Thanks for the performance.' I really do feel the support. 


Surely, it's on Darvish whether the fans are going to still root for him or he will be despised by them in the long term and regarded as a costly mistake made by the front desk.