Rafael Palmeiro wants to make comeback at 53 years old

El gran bateador zurdo quiere terminar de otra manera su carrera

Rafael Palmeiro.

Rafael Palmeiro. | AP

Rafael Palmeiro is one of the greatest hitters the game of baseball has ever seen, but his career came tumbling down when he tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs.

Now, 12 years after he played his last game with the Baltimore Orioles, Palmeiro wants to make a comeback to the sport he loves.

According to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, Palmeiro still thinks he can hit and most of all he is looking for closure at age 53.

This is what Palmeiro had to say to Rosenthal:

“There’s no doubt in my mind I can do it. I’ve taken care of myself really well. I’ve been working out for years. Everything feels better than when I played.”

Even his son, Patrick Palmeiro,  who is Class A ball with the Orioles, has no doubt that his dad can make a comeback.

“He is in the gym every day working out. He has less body fat than me and my brother. He sees me and my brother working hard, getting ourselves ready. He wants to try and keep up with us. He’s still motivated, somehow. I wish I had the amount of motivation he has.”

Most of all Palmeiro's son believes his father wants to "right his wrongs" from so many years ago.

Rafael Palmeiro played in the Big Leagues for 20 years with the Orioles, Rangers, and Cubs, finishing his career with an average of .288, 569 home runs and 3,020 hits.

In 2005, the Cuban first basemen, after stating in front of the US Congress that he had never consumed steroids, tested positive for a PED. After a 10 game suspensión, Palmeiro was never able to regain his previous form and was let go by the Orioles in September of 2005.