The surprise that Aaron Boone is cooking in the Yankees' line up

Is this a good idea?

Aaron Boone ya eligió a su abridor

Aaron Boone ya eligió a su abridor | AP

With the regular season quickly approaching us and with all the expectation that surrounds the New York Yankees, manager Aaron Boone is still trying to figure it out how will the line up is gonna look. On this Friday, he used Aaron Judge in the leadoff spot; and Boone says that more surprises are coming. 


According to Randy Miller of, Boone says that he will be using usual leadoff Brett Gardner in a different spot in the lineup. All of 139 games where Gardner played last year were as the first in the order, but Boone, in order to give Giancarlo Stanton more playing time in the outfields, he will be dropping Gardner down in the order. 


Boone said about this possibility

There are going to be times where I'll probably hit Gardy ninth against a tough lefty if I really want Gardy in the lineup.

Whether or not this is a good idea, it would be interesting to see how this works out, as dropping your reliable leadoff man to the ninth spot sounds kind of weird.